Tututu Orchestra is a collective of musicians, drawing its inspiration from traditions such as jazz, impressionism and world music. Their specialty is the use of compositions as a driving force for guided improvisation. With the desire to combine orchestral sound with the fluidity of a smaller combo, the interplay between the orchestra and the conductress comes to the front, at times full of theatrical expressionism.

Under the direction of Mojca Zupančič, the orchestra performs a colorful palette of compositions full of captivating melodies, groovy rhythms and playfully arranged passages. Yet, at times the orchestra runs wild, unhindered by confines of structure with conductress only shaping sound that harbors theatrical expressionism. 

A distinctive feature of the ensemble is a diverse array of international musicians that share a lasting bond tracing back to their study years together in Groningen, The Netherlands. This sense of fellowship is evident, adding an extra layer of playfulness to their shows and creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Moreover, they extend a warm invitation to the public to join them in the sound-making process, blurring the lines between audience and artist. Professional musicians and curious minds join their forces into a collaborative symphony, amplifying the magic of their performances. 

Embark on a a unique musical journey with Tututu Orchestra and embrace the unity of music, transcending boundaries, and reveling in the marvel of creativity together.

Tututu Orchestra are

ANNA-MARIA SCHITSOVA violin  MELISA DEL BE viola  EMMA ZARZUELA cello  AURÈLIE JOURNOT harp  JAAP DE VRIES trumpet, flugelhorn  NEDELCHO NINOV  trombone  EDUARDO DORESTE soprano saxophone, bass clarinet  GABIJA BARTULYTĖ alto saxophone, clarinet YAŞAR KAN tenor saxophone, flute  STANIMIR LAMBOV guitar, fx  BRETT DOUGHERTY/DEAN MONTANARO electric bass  RUGGERO DI LUISI drums  BRUNO TIMARCHI/FILIP MOZETIČ percussion  MOJCA ZUPANČIČ composition, conducting

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