The Tututu Orchestra, still in its infant stages, is a project led by a pianist and composer Mojca Zupančič who is currently based in Groningen. Exploration, acceptance and the need for meaningful social contracts are the forces that are bringing together an array of international musicians, coming out of very different backgrounds.

Each session of the orchestra begins with grounding oneself through meditation and physical excercises, continuing with tuning to other human beings, both mentally and musically. After this the orchestra indulges in a “masturbation” – time for everyone to shred and expel all the egoistic impulses gathered in the last days. When playing, the orchestra is placed in a circle and works with the space itself, endulding in its natural reverb. Circle formation allows the exploration with the surround sound, breaks hierarchy and allows for more close connection to the public when performing.

The main premise of the orchestra is finding common sonorities while not being restricted by demanding compositions or bewildered in free improvisations. Through compositional frameworks and conduction the orchestra navigates between spectralism, tribalism and theatrical monologues.