We are a dynamic improvising duo consisting of a vocalist Tisa Neža Herlec and a pianist Mojca Zupančič that have been creating together since 2015.

selected audio works


 A multimedia digestive circuit through which we were processing memories, archive material and relationships.


December 2020, Cirkulacija2 and livestream in eter of Radio Študent, Ljubljana


In collaboration with: Liza Šimenc, Altan Jurca Avci


August 2020, Krnica

“Wooden Sticks On A Tractor Fitted With A Dozer Blade is an ode to the wilderness. A commemoration of the latent power of nature. A love poem to sedimentation. A gentle greeting to the leaking glacier. An invasion into the silences that the valley of Krnica in the Eastern end of the Alps in Slovenia echoes among the mountain ledges. A bulldozer is standing there, in the middle of the valley – abandoned, forgotten, static – slowly giving in to the deteriorating forces of nature. It is the peak of the summer and the bulldozers’ regular function would be to remove the excess snow from the hiking roads, the roads that go up in altitude towards mountain houses that take care of the hikers and alpinistis. We approach the bulldozer as if it was a wild animal – carefully and gradually – attempting to see its responses (is it sleeping?). We are hitting it with sticks and the bulldozer wakes up from its summer-winter sleep, groaning with rhythm that we make hearable. To this day, the bulldozer is there, and our rhythm echoes in the mountains.”


A blend between a lecture and a noise concert where our main topic was sensibilisation and fear.

In collaboration with: Fillipo Temperini, Livia Rib, Michiel Teeuw.


October 2019, Lust, Groningen