Mojca Zupančič (Ljubljana, 1995) is a pianist, composer and multimedia artist, currently based in Groningen, Netherlands.

After graduating from Faculty of electrical engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia, she pursued her dream and enrolled to Jazz Piano at Prince Claus Conservatoire, Groningen.

Mojca has a been a member of groups such as Voronoi Collective, Babaganoush and Jazzing Legs, currently working on their debut albums. She has performed at several countries in Europe.

Beside music, Mojca is also active in other roles such and improvisation theatre and visual arts. Her photos were exhibited as a part of Fotovizije 2020.

Mojca has been organizing and curating several art events, including 24H at Sign Gallery and RADADAR at Cirkulacija2 in collaboration with Radio Študent.

Mojca is a recipient of a grant from Ministry of Culture, Slovenia.